a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Does the idea of sleeping in an igloo tempt you? Come and be a polar explorer for a night and stay at Village Igloo Avoriaz!           Don't wait any longer to dive into a world full of adventures, by sleeping in the beautiful alcoves of the igloo.

looking for out-of-the-ordinary accommodation?

on the program

Walk under the stars

Meet at the Prodains 3S ski lift at 6:45pm.

From here, we offer you a snow walk under the stars, accompanied by Hervé, our mountain guide.

A frosty aperitif to start the evening off

Upon your arrival, enjoy  a welcome drink amongst friends. Savor this moment and enjoy hearing about the history of the igloo and how it is built.

Traditional savoyard meal

Enjoy the typical savoyard dish in a special location: cheese fondue!

Quirky accommodation in the heart of the French Alps

After dining in the cosy igloo restaurant, spend the night in a atypical hotel room.

The duvets will keep you warm, as they are made for polar exhibitions.

A wonderful wake-up

When you wake up, enjoy the private breakfast on the Village Igloo terrace or in our dining room.

As the rest of the ski resort wakes up slowly, you can watch the total calm of the Avoriaz ski station. The calm before the storm if you like.

a night stay

We have three types of bedrooms which are comfy and cosy. You will sleep on ice beds covered in animal skin, which keep out the cold. The special duvets are designed for polar exhibitions, so don't worry about being chilly at night!


We can accommodate up to 24 people per night.

Our three bedrooms are either Duo (2 people) or Camp de Base (3 or 4 people).


Timetable: from 19:00 to 08:30 the next morning


The tarif for a night at Village Igloo Avoriaz includes:

The ski racket snow walk with a mountain guide, dinner, 1/3 of wine, hotel & breakfast.


This experience is not recommended for children under 5 and pregnant women.